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The 5 Worst Ways to Buy Gold

Last Updated Jun 7, 2010 7:20 PM EDT

A record run-up in the prices of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum over the past decade have turned commodities into one of the nation's hottest investments. That's got every body talking read more...

10 months ago

How to Buy Real Gold

If you've been following any of the hair-raising stories about the gold bullion market, you are probably thinking about how to own real gold, instead of "paper gold."

There are a few simple rules when it comes to owning gold:

1)Gold

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Hobbies :: Where to Buy Candle Making Supplies

So you've finally decided to make your own candles. Where do you find the needed candle making supplies to do it?


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Simple Examples That Help Us Understand Perfect Competition

The biggest criticism for competitive markets remains the fact that it is extremely passive. It allows no space for innovation or advertising, which are considered to be the pillars of any profit-making enterprise. Product homogeneity is also view read more...

10 months ago

What Is The Gold Krugerrand Price Today?

The South African gold Krugerrand coin was the first gold coin that contains exactly one ounce of pure gold, which makes it the best known of modern bullion coins. As a matter of fact, gold Krugerrand coin has always been one of the most available read more...

10 months ago

Hobbies :: The African Gold Krugerrand

In 1967, the government of South Africa minted the gold krugerrand to increase the marketing of South African gold. Although the krugerrand is considered as legal currency, it is seldom used for that purpose. Instead, it has become a favorite of c read more...

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Check fraud: a sophisticated criminal enterprise.

Like waves on the ocean, variations of fraudulent activity keep pounding the shores of the banking industry. Prior to the 1980s, bank fraud schemes generally involved only a few transactions perpetrated by a single individual or small group. Losse read more...